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The mystery shopper & the hot tub

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Book One of The De'Ath Family Antics
( includes link to FREE novella sequel)

A genuinely very funny and irreverent debut novel about life, love, sex, double lives, mystery shopping and hot tubs. Full of English humour!
Brooke’s a gorgeous young mum who lives in Essex. Her favourite things in life:
1.    Her baby, Paige
2.    Husband Dean
3.    Chardonnay
4.    Hot tubs
5.    OK! magazine
All that’s missing is the hot tub. Brooke’s bored at home and wants financial independence, but mostly a hot tub and Dean’s a man with traditional values and he doesn’t want Brooke to work.  She secretly takes a job at a nearby country house, meeting the incorrigible Lady Townsend. This unlikely friendship, plus some jaw-dropping events, helps Brooke realise that she’s capable of so much more than she thought.
Dean is a devoted husband and father, and, knowing what Brooke wants most of all in life, he secretly takes up mystery shopping hoping to make some extra money to pay for it. And if he gets some peace and quiet whilst doing so, all the better.
The elaborate web of lies they both weave results in numerous madcap situations, but can their deceit undermine the love that they have?

(Imagine Gemma Collins or Katie Price secretly going to work for say... The Duchess of Cornwall while her husband (think Gavin type character from Gavin and Stacey) secretly goes off assessing posh hotels without wife knowing. What could possibly go wrong?!) 

Global Reviews 

Be prepared for English humour... I think this is a book that will make you see the “funny” side of hiding a part of your life from your loved ones!... ~ Maria (Blogger and Book Reviewer) - see full review on Varietats.

Field’s writing is clear, concise and, above all else, humorous. The book is a really lighthearted read...with likeable characters and a strong storyline. I loved laughing along with, and sometimes at, Brooke and Dean. Their shenanigans are really quite something! ~ Becca  (Blogger and Book Reviewer) - see full review on Becca Kate Blogs 

This book was just hilarious. I read it in a day, it was so easy to get into and flowed really well. I loved the characters and there is an element of not to judge a book by its cover with the character Brooke, people think she is some ditzy blonde but... ~ Karen (Book Reviewer) - see full review on Goodreads 

I fell in love with this couple and the subterfuge that followed as they both secretly schemed like a pair of spies...being born in the 70’s I don’t mind a good stereotype, a non pc plot and a few lechy old men. The giggles certainly more than made up for their behaviour! ~

Melanie (Book blogger and reviewer) - see full review on Melanie's Reads

This has been an absolutely hilarious read and the perfect escape to calm my anxiety...the characters in this book are absolutely fantastic and have really cheered me up! I could easily imagine this being a film ~ Little Miss Book Lover (Book blogger) - see full review here

I thoroughly enjoyed the fast pace of this book and how the author has painstakingly described each situation and has given the reader a real feel of the Essex area and its customs. ..this novel was delightfully funny , earning it a well deserved four stars ~ Kiran Shehzad (Book reviewer) - see full review on Girllovespinkbooks

All sort of social issues are swirled around in the story which stars what appears to be the stereotypical Essex couple. This alone brings bubbles of classism and snobbery, both society’s and the characters’, to the surface. The rights and wrongs of conspicuous consumption and consumerism slosh around there too. And that’s just a quick toe dip...the humour is abundant, the atmosphere lively, the writing razor-sharp and the author’s eye unsparing. This book makes for a thoroughly entertaining and also thought-provoking  read ~ Stephanie (Book reviewer and blogger) - see full review on Booksarecool

I was captured from start to finish. Ten out of ten ~ Terri 

Great fun and an interesting scoop on the subject of class - pertinent for today ~ Anna

Very easy to read and enjoyable, heart-warming, and funny ~ Tina

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