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The Hapless husband & his curious wife

Book two of The De'Ath Family Antics

Essex girl Brooke secretly works for Lady Townsend, who’s attempting to transform her into a lady, by offering her an eye-opening education. She exposes Brooke to some mind-boggling experiences and a class of people a million miles away from her own, resulting in some seriously funny social faux pas along the way. Brooke’s outlook changes as she takes advantage of these opportunities to better herself, with often comic results! Meanwhile her husband Dean is clueless as to why his normally ditsy wife appears to be acting so weird.

Meanwhile, Dean has been set a challenge by his boss. He’s been tasked with making their workforce the most diverse in the industry, but Dean’s unorthodox approach to recruiting, reveals that he struggles with the very concept of what he considers a ‘woke’ request. In addition, he’s still keeping his mystery shopping side hustle a secret from his demanding wife, ensuring he gets some ‘me time’ away from her and their boisterous toddler Paige.

The farcical situations they find themselves in as a result of their lies, cause off the scale stress for them both. How much longer can they withstand the deceit? Will Brooke’s transformation make her long-suffering husband feel left behind? Or will it improve all their lives? It’s that or even more chaos…

The story gently pokes fun at a myriad of people and institutions and is a wonderfully eclectic mix of Gavin & Stacey, Pygmalion and Legally Blonde, with a dash of Vanity Fair and Pretty Woman thrown in for good measure!



Global Reviews 
"Absolutely brilliant. This sequel is hilarious. The situations that Brooke finds herself in had me laughing out loud. It is difficult to pick out the best one - but the lipstick at the art gallery was a peach. I have already recommended this book to friends and I can’t wait for the next instalment! 5*"~ T. Friend
"I loved the first book, seeing them  [Brooke and Dean] both act like fish out of water in their new jobs. Brooke mingling with the posh and classy Mrs Townsend and friends and Dean taking on the role of mystery shopper like some super spy all for a hot tub. This book carries on in the same vein although it is probably a bit nearer the knuckle humour wise. It certainly isn’t for the easily offended, but if like me you aren’t and have a sense of humour that doesn’t mind poking a bit of fun it’s an absolute hoot." 5* - Melanie's Reads
"This book is a home run. With a nod at 'My Fair Lady' the female main character is taken under the wing of a wealthy employer and that's where all the fun starts. Never a dull moment for this couple! I laughed out loud several times and couldn't put the book down until I'd devoured it. I will continue to follow and read anything this author puts out in the world. Loved it!!! 5*" - Leah and Tim
"I love Brooke. She just gets better and better. I fell in love with this couple in book 1 and book 2 is even better. Dean is hilarious, all he wants to do is support his family and Brooke wants to make a better life for her family. Neither one knows of the others extra job and the ways they hide them from each other really does make me smile. I devoured the book in a day just like I did with the first one. Helen's writing is so easy to read and it flows so well that you feel like you are reading about your friends. It's been left open perfectly for hopefully a book 3. Can't wait to read more from this fun couple. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐" Karenandherbooks.

"..lighthearted and the perfect pick me up...a welcome distraction from the outside world with witty one liners and hilarious situations that will have you snorting throughout."  @Handwrittengirl
“…I’ve never laughed so much at a book as I did with this one. The author’s approach to humour is spectacular, especially when you can relate. Double lives are never a good thing, especially in a marriage. I’ve never had this much entertainment from a book before…but this was life comedy and just pure class.  Even though I’ve not read the first book I’m hoping there will be a third. I’m not ready to let go of this family just yet. I can’t believe how much I approved of Brooke and Dean. The meaning behind everything was just felt with such love and devotion to their family. I loved how witty the author was and I loved how everything felt so quick. This author is smart in the writing she produces. Definitely an author to watch out for.”  - Twilight Reader

"…another rip roaring rampage through Essex County Lifestyles and its cultural clash of unlikely relationships by Helen E Field...Thoroughly enjoyable from the get go! 5*"  A. McFadyen 

"I loved the first book in the series, which set a very high standard to follow, and I'm delighted to say this sequel is every bit as witty, clever, entertaining and generally excellent. Dean De'ath really is a hapless husband. He's a decent, caring but none too bright guy, content to potter along with a few of life's luxuries and dote on his wife and daughter. Brooke, however, doesn't want to be doted on. Outwardly rather shallow and self-centred, again she's another nice person with a good soul who wants to do things, to be better, to learn things. Like her husband, though, she tends to be a bit heavy handed in going about it. Of the two, Brooke is the more adaptable. She embraces modern life, whereas Dean is a bit puzzled by it. As a result he goes for the easiest solution to the problems that living in the enlightened 21st century throws up. Ensure workforce diversity? Simple, employ 'one of each'. Problem solved surely. Wife with health issues? No brainer, allow her to live a cosseted life and not have to work. Sorted...? " 5* Steph @ Books Are Cool

"I thoroughly enjoyed this most entertaining novel. The characters, with their very human flaws, are a delight. I highly recommend this book and hope you read the first in the series too. 5*" S. Cutmore

"This book had me giggling to myself at some of the antics, thoroughly enjoyed reading it.5*" S. Burgess

"This book gives the reader wanting and waiting for more. A great read that is so relatable. 5*" T. Hampton

"I'm always a sucker for British humour and this didn't disappoint. Brooke and Dean aren't always honest with each other, but their secrets are kept from the other for the best of reasons... the threat of being exposed leads both to cover up their lies with more lies to the point where they're each in impossible situations... well written and kept me reading to the end...would appeal to both men and women. 5*" A. Merrow

"There are a lot of laughs and silliness and this makes for a very light and properly entertaining read. I feel that sometimes people can be a bit sniffy about less intense stories but I really value being able to relax and have a giggle.

This is a fun read with bold characters with hectic lives but good intentions. One for some light relief after a stressful day!" Intensivegassingaboutbooks

"This book will make you laugh. Guaranteed. It's a fast paced page turner, with loads of lovable characters that will keep you thoroughly engaged. It's a treat to read and always makes me smile. Helen, please write more! 5*" Steve Johnson

"This is an author I now will be following. This is a funny, cute and never a dull moment read. I enjoyed this book. I didn’t get a chance to read the first book in The De'Ath Family Antics called The Mystery Shopper and The Hot Tub by this author but this was definitely a standalone. I will however go back and read book 1" Kelly @ Enjoyingbooksagain.

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