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Launch Day

Well it is hard to believe that it's one year ago almost to the day that I launched my debut novel The Mystery Shopper & The Hot Tub. It has been an interesting ride to say the least. The vast majority of reviews have been great and it feels good to have ones writing validated by readers who are complete strangers.

We have all just lived through probably the most extraordinary two plus years of our lives. Surreal even. For many of us in the beginning it was a novelty, to be not only given permission to stay at home, but instructed to do so! I genuinely convinced myself that after a couple of weeks it would all be sorted out and life would go straight back to normal! How wrong could I have been?!

Once it became clear that this was not going to happen any time soon, I began writing my second novel The Hapless Husband & His Curious Wife. There could be no excuse of 'I haven't got time', so I knuckled down to it and was able to finish and publish it within the year.

Today in fact!

I feel that over the past year, the world has become a very divided place and people have begun to take themselves far too seriously. Individuals screaming to be heard for 'their voice' or 'their truth' to be heard. Common sense, fact and an acceptance of normality appears to have been put into some kind of weird temporary limbo, until the world and society decides what is right or wrong, acceptable or tolerable. Strange times indeed.

The Hapless Husband & His Curious Wife was written with the singular purpose of making people laugh, by poking fun at some of the various societal issues, groups and institutions that we are currently struggling with. Because that's real life. People don't always know what to do. People don't always know what to say. People make mistakes. We are all human.

Satire is as old as the hills and the most wonderful way of encouraging people to see the funny side of things. Heaven help us all if we writers can't do that any more!

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