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Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Welcome! This is my very first blog post! I am a woman of many words, so I really hope you’ll enjoy reading them!

All I want to say is… at last! After many years of writing, editing, proofreading, cover designing and typesetting, my debut novel The Mystery Shopper & the Hot Tub is almost ready and will be officially published on 22nd January, by my publishing company In Jest Publishing.

It’s laugh-out-loud funny and don’t we all need a good laugh after this year?! It’s a bit irreverent in places so if you don’t have a sense of humour, or are politically correct, then you may wish to look elsewhere for your laughs!

I will soon be explaining where the inspiration for the stories came from - and I hope that will provide some amusement, so look out for that here! I really hope you will enjoy the book. For anyone who buys it there is a fabulous free download, which continues the story and was really good fun to write!

It truly has been a team effort though. Self-publishing this novel has involved six other industry professionals and at least a couple of dozen readers.

It has been a mammoth task to get everything done. Not only have we had the pandemic to deal with, but my husband and I took some time out to travel, our eldest son had to come back home from the USA to live with us, after we had moved into a one-bedroom studio apartment! Cosy is an understatement and the poor chap has been relegated to our campervan to sleep! It has been challenging!

Whilst travelling I had the pleasure of devouring many more books than I would normally have been able to do while working, and I have actively been trying new genres and authors which has been eye-opening to say the least! There are so many good books and talented writers out there. Even if no more books were ever written, I could happily read from those that already exist!

I have already started on the next book in the De’Ath Family Antics series, which I hope will be ready by late spring, early summer, next year. I keep finding myself laughing when I think of some of the mad things that my characters will be doing and the stressful situations that they will continue to find themselves in!

Hopefully that is a good sign for all my lovely readers!

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